Kieran Flanagan

Founder & Chief Creative Officer
The Impossible Institute™

“Our concept of ‘old’ needs re-imagining. Gone are the days of getting older and quieter. Today we get older and bolder. We tick off bucket lists and spend the kids inheritance. This is a generation with a less conservative mindset. The retiring generation protested, marched for peace, believed in free love and rock n’roll. They changed the rules… and if we are to connect to them and sell to them, so must we.”


A female leader in a world of mad men

In addition to being one of the only female Creative Directors in an industry dominated by men (who are quite literally “a bit mad”), Kieran Flanagan also became one of the youngest Creative Directors to lead a multi-award winning advertising agency.

In an impressive career, Kieran has lead multinational accounts across multidisciplinary departments at McCann, Smart, Kindred and VCD – a team she helped build into the agency of the year in her first three years in the industry.

In that time, she also helped direct the strategy and creative behind the most successful new product launch in Australia history, has won awards around the world for creativity and effectiveness and spent three years running Australia’s premier creativity school, AWARD.

Kieran is a passionate advocate for the commercial power of creativity and a return to more human communication, engagement and leadership.