Silver Chain Group sees holographic doctors as the future of health care at home

At Silver Chain, our vision is to provide world’s best health and aged care, in the home and the community, so that people can live their lives as they choose.

We recently unveiled our new Enhanced Medical Mixed Reality (EMMR) interface, which can be used with Microsoft’s HoloLens headset to provide virtual hospital services to people in their own homes.

This world-first technology introduces the idea of ‘holoporting’ doctors into peoples’ homes for consultations and diagnostics. Patient data can be accessed, recorded and shared in real time via a virtual dashboard, and there’s also the ability for other health professionals or family members to join the conversation and engage with decisions being made.

Silver Chain CEO Dr Christopher McGowan says Silver Chain will become the first company in the world to apply this technology to virtual hospital services delivered in the community, signalling a significant shift in the way clients receive comprehensive, hospital-level care at home.

“With our ageing population, demand for community-based care is growing. Home is the least costly setting for long-term health care – and an option greatly preferred by patients and families” Dr McGowan said.

“Technology like EMMR brings great opportunity to extend the clinical contribution of doctors beyond hospitals and consulting rooms, creating a more effective and efficient health system for all Australians.”

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