Conference Theme and Program Outline

The conference program aims to inspire businesses at the international, national and domestic level to engage with the Ageing Well sector broadly.

Learn from international experts about the important role that social and business innovation has in connecting consumers, products and communities.

Shift your thinking from the traditional aged care model to a new way of approaching ageing with a focus on creativity and collaboration through participation and productivity.

The conference will highlight the leading transformational global trends and bring together international experts to explore the business innovation and social innovation opportunities. At the heart of the design and thinking is ensuring people in their 60’s and beyond have better choices that bring their life greater purpose and meaning, and more control in determining the choices available to them as they transition through life’s course.

The conference will be built around four interconnected themes:

  • Participation and productivity – linking citizens and consumers together with business through engagement, connectivity and life-long learning
  • Social revolution– social innovations focusing on the individual and societal culture
  • Business innovations – Identifying and realising the market opportunities for business
  • Global transformations in ageing well – the impact on business and the individual from global demographic landscape and the intersection of the longevity revolution and the fourth industrial revolution